The Parent Teachers Association (PTA) of BASE would love for you to actively join our caring and enthusiastic group. We meet the second Thursday of every month from 6:15 - 7:30 p.m. We send out fliers, texts, emails and other reminders for all upcoming meetings and activities. What we ask of you is your availability to come to some meetings, volunteer to help with activities and events, and most of all, voicing your concerns, questions, and ideas. With this input, we feel the PTA can grow from a group to a community.

The PTA engages in fundraising to make activities and events happen for students and staff. For instance, the PTA held a Teacher Appreciation last year to thank them for the work they did for our children. Our Goals for this year:

  • IMentor meetings looking to sell heroes/wraps, chips, soda and water
  • For our school’s basketball games, we’re looking to sell candy, chips, soda and water
  • Movie days where tickets include the movie, 1 candy and 1 soda. Every extra candy/soda would be extra.