Welcome Back!

Welcome back to all BASE students and families! We hope your Day 1 was a good one. Here are a couple of announcements to be aware of.

Community Service

We’ve had some requests for a digital version of the community service form, so here it is. The graduation requirement is 100 hours of verified service - don’t leave it all to your senior year! If you did service over the summer please bring in the form ASAP to room 517. Remember, community service hours must be unpaid work you do.

Changes to your classes

If you believe you are in an incorrect class, or if you want to change your program, you should fill out this form and bring it to the main office (not 517). You must turn in this form by Friday Sept. 14 for us to consider a change.

  • We will change your class if you’re in a wrong class (for example, if you already took and passed it).
  • We will consider changing your class if you request an AP class and the teacher agrees and there is space.
  • We will not change your class because you don’t like your teacher or your classmates.